You Think It's a ShameEdit

You know you can't stop me from feeling this way

You know you can't stop her from feeling this way

You know your say is the significance of a tiny margin

And in the end I will see her again

cause when I close my eyes I see all I can imagine

I try to be the perfect one she needs to be with

But when they move their lips I can't hear what they are saying

I am too old for her, is that what you are saying?

That is just a number on a piece of paper. You must be crazy

Cool your heads now. It makes me feel so lazy

I cannot commit that crime, I'm much too young

You may say that, but can it be sung?

She makes my day, feels like a thousand daisies

A float on the water, a million crazies

I can see your point, but can't feel your pain

A cold thank you, frowns stuck in place

I welcome the sarcasm, Smiles on my face

I can't tell what steps you will, the steps you will take

I can drone it on, but in the end, the threats are a fake

I will be the victor of a mighty war, wait and see

It doesn't really matter what you think, if what you think is a lie

Sometimes it pulls down the shades, makes me want to cry

I want to know where it comes from, tell me today

Let me show you one time, I am not here just to play

I am here to bring the gold, to show I am for her

Baby, look back at what is created in hell

Feel the terror surfin' round, the magic in her spell

Brings you down cold, makes it feel like a shame

Points it at me when you can't confirm, since no one knows who to blame

I know this has been bad, but i'm done with you

Faces gone cold, look for your head

I don't think I am the one to blame

Good night. I am goin' to bed

And you think it's a shame

Tobiagoodboy 23:07, June 23, 2011 (UTC)Tobiagoodboy wants to know what you think

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