When The Fierceness of Winter Breaks
by Christopher Bradley
Dedicated to All of my Friends and Family

I will watch the flowers bloom
This broken yard chair will support me
While I finish reading Homer
and Sky washes in the water
sprayed from the hose of
my seven year old brother.

I can see myself at dinner again
with a special girl at a Middle Eastern restaurant
In Rochester.

I will go to the hill
where I met the Salamander
And sit to write a story
And try to remember things
Like evenings in the University Library
with a world traveling friend.

I know that I will spend time in
cafe's in Allentown
Meeting an occasional acquaintance
And hiding from the real me of the past.

I will dream about becoming musical again.
I might press down an Ivory key or two.
If I am lucky the plastic ones
might lead me somewhere.

I will visit my mother and my aunt
on evenings when they
are working
near the border.

I will try to take Dan
to the bookstore again
and make a
day of it.

I will speak with my sister
and her friends in a diner
and ask her about her
Love paper and who she's met
through her studies
And buy her boyfriend a cappuchino.

Mike and I will begin our
conquering of the earth
via the internet
And Ryan will send me an e-mail
saying that he wants to know
what we have been up to.

There will be a unique excursion
or two with Patrick and
Shennen will call and invite
me to see his new child
And have some Marshmallows
over a bonfire behind his
grand father in-law's old house.
I might bring a rattle or some Mocassins
for the baby.

I will stop by the University
to drop off paperwork and
share some of my history
with my professors
Letting Gansworth know
that I've finally finished
reading his novel.

I will give a friend a ride home from work
And finish reading the Gospel of Mark.

I will spend some time in a
supermarket and buy some
more yogurt and cream cheese.
And open a can of

I will participate in watching
cinema of all types
Mission Impossible 2
and anything new with Spacey or Jolene.

I will try out the video phone
and have some fun with some

And I will keep trying to remember
that Kilamanjaro
didn't have to be cold
to be deadly.

And there won't be a day
that I don't think
of a thousand poems
that I will never have the time to
write about
the forever numbered leaves
of my

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