Waif in the FireplaceEdit

Stone cold waffles flopping in the rain

Floating blue skies drowning with pain

Two lost fish playing the same old game

Whales on the shore, looking for fame

A broken down car, eating his meal

Old man is on a leash, licking a seal

Love is dead, now you're gone with the wind

Lost in the dark, did you think it's a sin

Just an old man living in an old fireplace

Talking to the hosed-down fire, leaving no trace

A nice, hot fire on a warm summer day

Big, bad troll, serving up the same old tray

Year after year, I'm broken and shamed

Cracked on the drop of a dime, I'm feeling the same

Feeling hard to cope when I'm strucken with fear

Just a great, sad cloud, making me tear

What a great big show, time flowing behind

Sun-burnt souls, love of another kind

Bright hot coals, heating this flame

Sad-stricken minds, broken with shame

Never will find what I'm looking for

Living underwater, part of a gret big tour

Bleeding out cries, wishing you were here

Have we gone far south because of the fear?

Why did mommy cry for you to be safe?

Now trolls have you, left me a bitter waif

Make me losing my mind, is it always for you?

If you left me now, would you still feel to be true?

Selfish, lost hearts, out in the rain

If I wake up, will I still feel the pain?

Thunder-bolts beating down hard on my face

Now you are gone, Leaving me no trace

Tobiagoodboy wants to know how you feel about it! 04:45, June 25, 2011 (UTC)

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