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An old withered tree in Satan’s Eden

It was once the home of the most vile evil ever to befall this world

Many Devoted believe him truly dead

Slain by Radriar whose eyes are blood-red

Yet here I study, ponder, and question

The seals must never be broken

for he cannot be allowed to return

With flames and hatred his eyes will burn

Rage and destruction will sweep through the querns

The farms, the hills and the forest ferns

will be blackened like ash

in an old, dusty urn

Those who remain will follow him

Or he will take what they cherish most-

their eternal life.

Living life like death in a bottomless pit

Crawling and stealthy like a sneaky bandit

Evil, cruel, brutal and malicious

He cannot stop his madness

He’s raging and helpless

His anger boils

like a pot of hot water

Gathering his army for revenge

He plans to raid at dusk and dawn

His power brings awe like a beautiful black swan

All will perish.

Let Armageddon begin.

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