VE DAY The war is won it’s VE day

And dawn was breaking far away

Bunting hung across the street

Tables piled high with things to eat

Tommy plays the old piano

Any song for just a tanner

We ate and drank beer and tea

What a wonderful feeling it was to be free

We danced and waved flags

And told Hitler gags

Grown ups busy children play

On this VE day in May

Dancing, singing, feet are sore

To celebrate peace, parties galore

We sang and danced and laughed and cried

But never forgot the ones that have died

Out of step soldiers seeking release

Strangers hugging to celebrate peace

As darkness falls they light the fire

Soon folk will begin to retire

Okey, cokey conga too

Oh it was a perfect do

Now to remember VE day with pride

For the lives laid down, for all those that died.

© 2011 Hazel

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