Ugly Inside Edit

How she is so precious, with those diamonds sparkling on her fingers, glistering makeup decorated on her cheeks, and the latest fashion, as she says.

How everybody wants to be like her, always sitting next to her at any time, wishing they could be in her place, when they know they can't.

How that makeup clogs up her brain, and diamonds shard through her fingers, and her presence makes others jealous, and too greedy for their own good.

How she influences herself, that she is better than all of us, simply because of that way she treats us, and the way she truly thinks.

When everybody praises her for no reason, I can walk by whimpering down her feet, asking her how did she get so good, and then she'd tell me I can't know, because I'm too ugly to be with her, just because of who I am.

Then I tell her how we're the same, only she doesn't have a brain, because she wasted it on her outside, melting down onto her complexion, and faking the reality she has been holding, for such a long time without knowing.

That she's hideous on the inside, even with her glamor in pink, and new dresses worn everyday, simply because we can't afford them, while we were never as lucky as her, to pretend who she actually is.

How she acts like she's all that, every time she walks into the room, and shines her glowing aura, the true light she fakes everyday, upon her nasty annoying presence, and those lies she says about us.

While all the others flatter her, and make her want even more, I lay in the corner confused, of why they would be so jealous, and how I'm not with them, when she has everything I don't.

Yet she doesn't even know, the truth about what she's worth, how she wasted all of it on her exterior, and her spouting words don't matter, how her image is just a concealing, the picture she has the ugly inside.

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