Truly Brilliant Orange
By Christopher J. Bradley
12/3/00 11:13:10 PM

We were Aquatic together
In the Summer of 1985
We swam and sailed and skied the water together.

We had dinners together
In a newly built building
At Asbury
on Silver Lake.

I had a camera
But I only captured one picture of you
Holding my hand
Your hair was a truly brilliant orange.

We sat around a warm camp fire
In the middle of the week
And you hugged my cold damp shoulders from behind
While the canoes rested against the high banks of the pier.

I thought I was in love at age 12
Two years before I would wear my first pair of glasses.
You told me about Herkimer diamonds
And living without Rock Music.

I hoped to see you the next year
When I came back.
But I assume that because I never wrote back
To your gem stoned letter
You decided against going the next year.

I should have written back
But we would never have been able to span the distance.
Someday maybe you will come to visit me
In a dream or after I've written enough.

And I will get a chance to view
The colors of what you've done
With your
Truly Brilliant Orange.

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