Hold your breath, don't look down, Keep your feet firm as the ground

These are the words of advice Spoken to you before the great lunge How utterly unprepared you are for the plunge Looking out over the Falls, what do you wish for, fame and glory? Or is this for a little bit more, to tell the world God's own story? The raging winds, blinding mists, ain't no such thing as deflection, this brings a whole new meaning to divine protection "That idiot!" they say, "For him there's no hope!" just your feet, a pole, and a 2-inch tight-rope But you laugh once again, this is what you were born for, to teach the Earth there's a God who's worth much more than all the screams of the dumbstruck folks, as you sprint over Niagara on that 2-inch tight-rope

To glorify Him is your one true quest, as you put your faith to the ultimate test.

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