the vulture: by sean kahlEdit

a little egg now cracks open to view the new world

a tiny vulture pops out of the egg and begins to unfurl

a face as ugly as sin forever outcasted by others

trembleing in sorrow but no one bothers

heart broken by solitude forever

shuned by his other birds of a feather

alone in the cold dark world he flys

forever serching in the vast open sky

always punished by hate and loathing

with his soul burned and scorching

an angle who is forever in a living hell

only hated from hideous look and putred smell

though hated his soul flys high

though most would wish for him to die

his soul important for the balance of nature

although the others my hate the vulture.

reason for writeingEdit

my name is sean kahl and through out my life i have been tormented by bullies for my aperance. however my passion and soul as beautiful as the lotis flower. with my pain i wrote the vulture to show my pain.

what do you think of the poem?Edit

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