The World Before Latin was my first collection of poems, written largely for and during a creative writing class in 1996. These are some of my earliest works, and at times were quite experimental. I later took a Latin class - which is why I used the working title "The World Before Latin" for the collection.

--ChrisBradley 21:05, 12 November 2006 (UTC)

The World Before Latin

Chapter 1 of : American Mohawk by Christopher J. Bradley


Black Maple

Winter Maple

Cold Maple


The Sex Life Of Popcorn


Modern Forms of Corn

Candle Beaux

Foreign Exchange Student

Fishnet Marianne

A Stand With Jinx

The Big Red Men


Steering Column



The Bum

Outside The Wall

Rock City Window

Naval Park

The Fire Of Dawn

On My Brother's Graduation

Silly Putty

Skylit Clouds

The Stars They Move

Zen Thing

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