By Cheri FinchEdit

The sound of the ocean,

The gray-green crash,

Is loud and bold as a cymbal’s clash.

The waves are singing, telling me,

Of the ancient melody.

The sound of the ocean, the rippling tide,

Makes me want to sing inside.

The pulling, pushing, shoving sound,

Lures gulls and people to stay around.

The sound of the ocean, the gurgling show,

The something, someone I’ll always know,

The song that will sing forever more,

Is great delight to the listening shore.

The sound of the ocean, the glistening grace,

Shows me the water’s kind-looking face,

Reveals the beauty of wonderful sea,

The sound of the ocean is special to me.

The sound of the ocean, the shining expanse,

With harmonizing sky and her wondrous dance,

While reflecting the sun’s yellow, brilliant light,

Is an amazing and glorious sight.

The sound of the ocean, horizon to here,

Is bright and amazingly crystal clear.

The swirling whirlpool, the bright singing glow,

Is the song that rides on the tide’s racing flow.

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