The Ride

The crescent tonight is big and bright,

Shining through the reflecting mirror.

The cold, strong breeze blowing past,

And time passing by every second like the wind.

The seat next to mine is empty,

But the seat next to yours is not.

The two hearts beating with the rhythm of music,

Yet not one is mine.

Your eyes are a dark, milk chocolatey brown,

Reflecting everything you see.

I see from your eyes a sight that I often has seen,

The beautiful face of an angel, her’s.

Maybe she’s the one for you,

Maybe you’re the one for her.

But I am a dreamer,

Dreaming about the day when you would finally look up

and find me there.

Time passes by fast,

Even when your dreaming,

It finally came to a stop,

And I got off.

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