This is an English translation of the Becherian interpretation of The Olde Folly (also known as "The Folly of Folané), first told by Yankal Krimeli

A man went to eat
Then he sat in the grove of crow, and he sang
“I ponder, I wonder
Will thinking of crows kill you?”

A man turned his horse,
so is the economy at home
Listen, my husband asks
When will the tree blossom?

I drove it not to blood
On a crow he swore to kill him
Oh, I heard the greatest shame!
Did you hear that Raven can kill a person?

But the crows came in into the house and cried!
A man crawled into a hole
A man who drew his bow,
so straight a shot he fell

Lo! So interesting, it leads to Folané.
But the Raven, he cursed them all!
So interesting, it lead old Folané
to Crows flying through the barn door!

In Mu’un saying
may Maya gain, his ears are right
He will probably tutor
In his eyes, life is like glass!

His neck fell and a man saw,
the church without dignity
Children are used as the crow
It is not a straight value!