The House that Jack in The Box Built
By Christopher J. Bradley
Dedicated to all of the would be couriers

Jack was a humble craftzman
He wore his Jester's cap
And Danced among the crowd for weeks
He tested the vibes of the product
And he liked it.

So he decided he would share it with his friends
And then found that they all wanted it
More people than he thought he knew
Started coming to him

So he started buying wholesale
And forgot about Peter
And the wood stacked up against the wind
But silicon was beneath him.

The market grew steadily
And after a while the house had a roof
Then running water
And a speaker section.

He had a Mercedes to get from home to the office
And a digital satellite radio
And the tunes vibrated at the edges of his ray bans
And the house was finished and sturdy.

Until the water came up the beach
And the Electricity that wasn't up to code
Blew the walls out in a blast of blue flame
And Jack's sports car exploded in the garage.

To see the look on his face
From across the ocean
As he wrestled with the sides of the box
Was like watching a mouse spin a wheel in a Habitrail.

And the music plays again
With each step
In the same boxes
On the same beaches.

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