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'Twas brilligamoselpuerodesmusicachata, and the stealthy Grovesoves
Did gremington and gimble in the washawill-abee;
Every flimsy-mimsy were the boghoggers
And the moyansty grave chew.

And, as in uffishpoofish-manuver ho, he thought he smiled,
The Jibberjabbermurmercock, with eyes of foraged burrbark,
Came whomping through the truffle wood,
And snarled as it hoppeled!




Dyhato- jagoy

Ni shi ga hwou dan

Willaboo soared,

Willaboo died

Poor old man

The food will be served roomcoldhappysad

With ni-nine-mo’ mumps’n measles

Gave death to tradingtendollorsworthoffreshfish




How do you

Who are you!

I wish to seek endurance for he

Could not die

Suppose the knife

Was splitting a dive

For dicing fruit

And splicing killer hogs?

He mocks those who mock themselves

Campton days so long alas

Pray do not ask me sir!

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