The American Irish Republican Army

A fat blond chess player
Alcoholic and Scotch whiskey drinker
This other Irishman Called Black Fourty Seven
Who had a Long Shoreman’s card

Told me at the cafe’
Within a day after the bomb
That I ought to know who I was speaking with
When I made comments about the military.

It would seem fitting
That we would discover
That McNicols was from Sanborn.
I thought better than to re-approach the idea there.

They hassled me all summer
He and a "friend" In ninety-five
While I drank coffee
About my car How they needed to borrow it.

And they kept trying to bet me a nickel
On a game of pinball
And they weren’t talking about Mary Jane or her sisters
And they wouldn’t agree on the term of "five-cents."

The two of them were interesting that summer
Before Jinx had come back
And before Boston
Because they got me cheap beer and places to crash.

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