Take Me Edit

Take me out of here, where I suffer all day long, because of the things I see, rubbing into my fake eyes, landing as dry tearful tears, and how I want to come back.

Take me instead of her, how she has a life to live, a future to finally make, and fame to finally behold, once she shines in the spotlight while I have none.

Take me with you, how we both hit a dead end, and we cannot make the road, we always wanted to carve, simply because we messed up along the long path.

Take me up your road, how the dreams run away, washing down the rivers, of reflecting woe and agony, of how this adventure leads on to the agonizing bitter end.

Take me down to hell, how I wish to explore these fiery pits of nothing, for the everlasting eternity, burning as a sacred image, etched inside of my mind.

Take me there, and never take me back, because it's what I deserve, yesterday, today, and tomorrow, forever and I'll never come back, until you take me.

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