Sky tinged blue and pink, clouds drifting high

Like a cheery pre-school

Walking under the nine o’clock cotton candy sky

I journey to the pool

So safe in the water’s arms

Techno music playing like the sound of an alarm

Water caresses my feet like silk

Tonight the dolphin is of my ilk

Humans so fish-like when they swim

Power and finesse, bodies smooth and slim

Quick graceful flips as they turn around for another lap

I long for the slippery speed of the swimming caps

I would be so naked on land

My fat thighs like a black brand

But in the water I am beautiful

Even the most vigorous stroke strangely blissful

Ten o’clock as the empty complex prepares to sleep for the night

Ten o’clock and fast food chains, cars, street lamps, cell phones provide the light

I have much longer to go

Before I rest my head upon the pillow

Inhaling the sweet smell of chlorine

As I pass by the pool like a patient full of codeine

Body so empty, purged of excess weight

Mind wondering whether it can still stay up late

Body so limp and useless after swimming

Eyes blurring, hair wet and ears ringing

The sky is dark blue like water twenty feet below the ocean surface

Blue half-obscured by black clouds and for once I am not nervous

Tonight life is a dream

I am covered with a shield, a stream

Of water, faintness and fatigue

Tonight I am infallible, full of intrigue

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