Lower class<Middle class≤ Upper class

There is nothing more rooted in futility,

than to hope as we do for equality.

Thus this poem for peace,to me seems

another sequel in an eternal anthology of muffled screams,

Broken screams,

Broken human beings.

For it is proven that calls for equality

cannot turn a majority,

regardless of availability,

regardless of quality;

Be they your calls,

my calls,

His calls,

Her calls.


Find ourselves few who don't want it.

It is seeming THE erogenous zone

in the collective consciousness of humanity,

a heightened state of global ecstasy,

and society's orgasmic finale.


of course being the operative word

thus its futility is with its conflict

with humanity's and thus society's primal impulse,

to survive.

To continue

even if the constant loss of life

is its sinew.

And the realization leads to frustration

leads to war;

the sadomasochism of mankind

harming itself desperately, to reach finale.

Clawing at its eyes to not see its own face,

and tearing at its ears not to hear its own screams.

We are our own "Allied Mastercomputer," but also

our own "Adaptive Manipulator." and of course

our very own "Aggressive Menace."

but its not that I have no mouth and I must scream,

I have a mouth I am screaming but no-one will hear.

Chris Hollis.

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