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Resigning to Nightmares==

Darkness, darkness all around,

creeping, slithering without a sound,

down the road I see a light,

a light, a light, it burns so bright,

The sky above it holds no stars,

on this light of black sun light,

my bruised body riddled with scars,

my body is not illuminated,

no sight by others, oh so jaded,

I can feel them in my heart,

the scars of a body broke apart,

and sewn together, with so many strips of leather.

To the light I hurry, scurry,

far to the East, far from the beast,

no matter how fast i run or crawl,

the light is travels faster than them all,

In the light is warmth and heat,

rest for my weary feet,

a place to hide from all the rest,

a place to lay my feet to rest.

To the West the sun does rise,

or is it just my tired eyes,

from sea to sea, Is it just a memory,

now light does set on these foul dreams,

my terror split apart at the the seams.

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