Rediscovering New England in A Time of War
by Christopher J. Bradley 3/24/02

And so today is the beginning of the new dawn
Of a time where the search for New England has been answered.
Quietly and with patience
I have discovered it.

It is hiding in the bank across town
And the church toward the river
And the café with the smoking lounge
And the bookstore with it's volumes upon volumes of common text.

There is myth that you have to find in the library
And spiritualism to be found through a maple tree
Or a pint of apple juice while shopping at the super market with your mother.
The apple does not fall far from the engineer.

In the community college the students sway
To the professor's hymns of economics or psychology
Running their fingers ruthlessly through each other's hair
Their joints break-stepping in Latin grooved Levi's.

The women and men and girls and boys
Move among each other in the freedom of the moment
Each with careers to pursue Or toys to trade
Japanese cartoons cards are popular among the children.

And a faintness of the birds and monkeys of Peru
Echo's up from the south via satellite cloud
While a hurricane of data washes the people of the moment
Throughout the Telesphere.

My homeland is slowly becoming a part of me
And I am accepting my place here
Proudly a twenty first century fourth generation Mohawk English
Sharing space with the likes of a spicy broth of brethren and sisterhood.

The ministers are not the only teachers of the young
They are just the most pronounced authorities.
We all learn from each other
And nobody really listens to the television alone.

I know that as I view my digital parchment
There are others awake in the early morning hours
Patiently waiting for their moment to bask in the summer sun
And find that we are all collectively important.

Our patriots triumph
In the playoffs and game of the century
To the parchment of Jefferson
And the pen of our Chief Executive.

If I alone could put an end to the evils to the world
I would make every effort on my own
So I ask Will you help?
And if so Can I shake your hand as a neighbor in good faith?

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