In monotone voices

expressions and contortions

of our feelings,

to sharing our beliefs in poetry

Lessons I appear enthusiastic about

However, behind the warmest haze,

behind this ever-empty gaze

that I use as a mask, a habbit now,

there are opinions and feelings that I can't allow

to peak through the many cracks in my facade

So do you, my dearest peers, truely believe

I am capable, let alone willing,

to commit such a crime??

Am I doomed to write words

of which I can weave no message

because I am to do as I am told

in a society so blind?

I cannot bear any longer

to let such things slide

I will not speak with such fake smiles

of nature just to hide

my disgust for your expectations

that are, unfortunately, the norm

I cannot and will not

lie to people anymore

Of those who gather in such places,

sadness hidden from their faces;

In their eyes, a fleeting dream

that I shall deliver a message true

I cannot and will not

lie for you

So please, just this once I will beg:

do not walk away

Do not pine for an easy way out,

away from the majority's prying gaze

I feel I, at least, deserve one thing;

an answer to a question

An answer that eludes me

Whilst I run from my desention

Tell me this, my dearest peers,

for I've been waiting far too long to hear

your reasoning for expecting me

to live in constant fear

To think I'd use such empty words,

to use such empty gestures?

Am I to speak with false passion

words of false hope forever?

I cannot and will not

lie to myself

Stanzas and rhymes, with beats and chimes

are parts of poetry, true

But what good would such details be

if no meaning shone through?

How can poetry exist;

How can it be written

if the author has no inspiration,

but is forced instead to listen?

To learn and do, to speak and think

like any other poet, just like everyone else?

How can you expect me to comprehend

those feelings I've not felt??

Stanzas and rhymes, with beats are timed

to be focused on, on cue

But what good are all these attributes

if no meaning can shine through?

I cannot and will not

lie to people anymore

I cannot and will not

lie for you

To: The Minority

With love, from Normalcy,

who is much weaker and more vulnerable

than even itself makes it out to be

I cannot and will not

lie to myself

I cannot and will not

lie for you   

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