South Park
Cardboard and colour

Voices altered with equipment

Just paper and ink

But it is so special to me

I watch as he is assembled from raw materials

Black pen


Pro Tools




Clicks of the mouse

They gain meaning in seconds

Create a life

Something so close to life

And truth

In the animation studio

They have no idea what they have done to me

How they have possessed me

Locked in my bedroom for days

He is ready to haunt my dreams

As I recreate the narrative in my head

Alter it

Play with my love object

The soundtrack softly playing in my mind

Every nuance replicated

More in love with him than any human

After all

Could any human ever be so perfect?

I watch his every move on screen

Drink up every detail around him

So it is locked in my memory

Every character in every book becomes him

Every situation, every plot described to me is tainted with his presence

He keeps me up late at night

I burn his face into my memory

My soul

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