On finishing books
By Christopher J. Bradley
9/10/01 11:07:50 PM

In the past two weeks I have finished
Completely read
Two books.

One a novel
The other a notorious compilation of poetry.

I hoped to start getting better at my composition
Through some adventures in reading.

I don't think that I've yet become more verbose.
I've been listening to the music of the people at work as well.

Their rhythms have an influence to my speech
And I will not say that the ideas expressed have cleansed my spirit

But I will say that giving them a try
Might help me to understand them better.

What is it about the inspiration of the 1860's for the future of today
That is left out of our modern hope for better times to come?

I know that only you who are left when I am gone might answer
As I live my slow time

Like the Mowhawks of Summer's past
And pray for autumn showers

To cool the fires in my heart
That burn for so many I cannot have
As I read and write

In an era of literary silence
And bombastic digital noise.

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