Now Try The Best
By Christopher J. Bradley
3/6/01 4:47:39 PM

Before the days of cellular
Beepers or the rest
I delivered pizza pies
For you may have guessed it
The Best.

I'd enter through the side door
And saunter past the stove
Where they'd rest upon the oven
Warming in heat's glow.

Sometimes they came with chicken wings
And often times with pop
I'd grab a whole big bunch of food
And quickly leave the shop.

The car door opened with one hand
So boxes red and white with heat
Could radiate their odor's through the air
While resting on my seat.

If the need was there a city map
Would help me find my way
Through traffic lights
And auto fray.

The driveway was so perilous
On Military Road
That if I moved an inch too quick
Collisions might explode.

The radio was often blaring
When I'd start my trip
I'd ease right into traffic
And take a soda sip.

The tanginess of fresh made food
Lingered in the car
While I wove past shopping stores
Auto shops and bars.

Then into dim lit neighborhoods
Friendlier than not
I brought hot trays and bottles
For my tipping lot.

In my time I've had a slice or two
While delivering the goods
Courtesy of management
Or makers of the loot.

The Pizza was tasty and tangy
And made just to my request
If I'd worked there one more summer
I'd enjoy it all again.

To keep your driver satisfied
In comfort and in style
Ask him often and clearly
To come that extra mile.

It's clear when you receive your wings and Za
And they've surpassed the test
That you've tried all the rest of them
It's time to try the best.

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