A poem about how the new year isn't much of a new year unless you make it one.

Seeing the year come to an end
I’m coming to see a slight bend
Not just in the way I talk
But also in the way I walk

They say your actions speak louder
Than your words—they fade to powder
You can say all you want, whenever
But it won’t remain for-ever

I’ve come to view the final conclusion
That the recent past has been a delusion 
I know what I must do to change
Looking across the vast range

It’s time to take into consideration
The aftermath of mass obliteration
Building a new strategy, gradually
Even if I have to do so manually

Twenty fourteen has come and passed
I just knew it wouldn't last
Twas once so shiny and glimmering
Now my thought sessions are differing

I have now become older and wiser
Or at least obtained an equalizer
My time on earth is simply amazing
And I shall continue on with my gazing

Whether change truly occurs
Solemnly relies on what transfers
Tis my choice to what comes of it
And if I decide to just forget…
All of the bad
All of the sad
All of the blue 
All of the boo
Perhaps I will change for the better… 

-David Rombouts- 

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