Man's And by: T.I.M.

Shades drape down to silence the sun,

opening dreary night.

Heave and blow, keep steady flow.

Eclipse the hazy light!

‘Tis He who hath come to take you under,

into the pool, his pebbles drop;

The tide, to wash, collect; and sink

do pebbles when the tide doth stop.

Oh, lake of black, wondrous lore,

when He hath not cast His curse,

become the shadowed tunnel,

reflect the heart of verse!

The darkness, as two lips,

locking out the silver moon,

bestows upon the mind

death’s temporary boon:

The e’er thickening woods form a pure, white dragon’s shield,

as the vicious red-eyed hounds run rampant for their meal.

The e’er closing gap hiding nature’s innocence

is violated, torn, and left for use by other men.

The filth, disgust, and terror of many,

left by and by the streets of hell,

is brought forth, dug up graves of dead,

by those hollow men of hell.

And by these whores we live our present,

maggots breeding our brains of hell,

and by and by we walk again,

again along these streets of hell.

He walks in silence in the night,

He walks with grin of green,

He walks until the morning light

and whispers silent curse.

He walks and finds his victim,

Laying restless in her teens,

He leaves his gift of innocence,

And carries on his verse.


Things to ask yourself:

Who is He?

What does this poem represent to you?

Why does He leave innocence?

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