Leaves By JDS

Summer leaves change. They crumble to the ground, and we pick them up, pack 'em down in a paper bag, and throw them out like trash- send them away to some unknown place- to somewhere far, far away from here.

So they can come back in the Spring, and live once again, just to die, only to fall with Fall once again and crumble outside my door.

They pile at my doorstep, lingering around. I wanna set them on fire, and burn them to the ground.

They cramp my style. They keep knocking at my door, trying to come in. But they don't belong here I want them to leave. 

Just so they can spring with Spring, and come right back, sneaking through the cracks beneath my door to remind me it's Fall once again.

Season make me so numb to life, when they live to die. My leaves encumber my life. They don't belong here. I need them to leave. 

Maybe I just can't cope with death when I see it everyday, sitting at my doorstep, asking to come in. I want to pack them up in a paper bag and send them far away.

But they consume me. They're always on my mind. Don't they know they're not welcome here?

I need them to die . 

But they're already dead! We set them on fire and burnt them to ash! We buried them in the ground, and sent them away to an unknown place- far, far away from here.

They sit at my doorstep. They keep knocking on my door. Sneaking through the cracks, I ask: Why do they have to die?  

They don't belong here, but they break in every time. They cramp my style. They consume my mind.

They just don't belong here- or maybe I don't belong here.

Life keeps on spinning like a never ending wheel with a million different spokes. Sometimes I wish it'd just stop, but then again, maybe there's hope.

Maybe I'll live, maybe I'll die- In which case I'll be burnt to the ground, made into ash, buried in the ground, and I'll live once again like leaves, consuming someone else's mind.

I wont belong there.

I won't belong in their mind.
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This is mine... Let me know what ya'll think

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