'Tis darkness He has brought.

A shadow of a man,

E'er scheming,

The nasty hobby He has wrought.

She lies above her covers,

Exuding a youthful glow...

Illuminated by rays of moonshine,

Penetrating the wind-swept curtains.

"Penetration," his dark desires bring woe.

His lips are greasy,

His eyes e'er so cold...

Walking quietly through the grass,

Standing up his latter.

Oh, how e'er so bold!

Climbing up and up,

Through the opening and into the moonlit room...

Standing there,


Over her bed He does loom.

Now, a struggle ensues,

Awoken from her peaceful slumber,

Now, just trying to get away...

His powerful arms trap her,

He rips the clothes from her small body,

Oh treachery! What has made him this way?

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