Higher State on a Tuesday
12/18/2001 8:32:20 AM
by Christopher J. Bradley

“This Is The Higher State Of Consciousness”
I Listen To Josh Wink As I Type About The Week’s Events.
3 Visits To The Chiropractor
A Flat tire
A New TV
Dinner at the Super Buffet
A Lotto Ticket.

Seatbelted driving
A Trip to Andy’s
A Jack The Ripper Flick
Some Page Building Over DSL
A New Tire Purchase

A Tomato Sandwich
A Chimichanga
Coffee Lots Of it.

Messages On Deja Noise Control and A Worldwide Café
Postings On Everypoet
Problems With Outlook Express and Netzero
Two Well Placed Letters To Yahoo Customer Service.

Complaint Call To New York State Insurance division
Several Calls To National Benefit
No Answer
Fax Attempts

No Answer.

Sleep Lots of It
Corey Hart
Sunglasses At Night

Calls To Andy Scott and Adelphia
No Connection To Any Of Them

Powerlink Signup And Lord of The Rings Happen Tomorrow.

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