Thowd chap’s bowt me a greenhouse

Said it’ll keep me occupied

It’s only a small un you know

One of them with flaps down each side.

He said you can grow some food now

It’ll save on’t shopping bill

I said alreet I’l ave a go

But it’ll take a bit of skill.

So in went radishes, tomatoes

Lettuce then in went beet

When they all start to come up

I think they’ll go down a treat.

Things growing in containers

Marrows, courgettes and squash

Egyptian walking onions and gherkins

Will make a smashing goulash.

Takes skill to slowly thin e’m ou

tNext year we’ll start later

Now it’s time to plant e’m out

And watch e’m grow taller

.We’ve melons and strawberry’s for sweet

But we’ll have to buy some cream

I think me and my greenhouse

Will make a very good team.

. © 2011 Hazel

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