Goodbye To You Edit

Goodbye to you,

When you leave me today,

Because you're a friend,

And you don't know what happens,

Every passing second,

When you're gone,

And I can't reach you.

Goodbye to you,

the fountain leaving my heart,

to flow into the rivers,

flopping up and down,

to fall back down,

and for me to catch you,

to see you leave me again.

Goodbye to you,

the falling leaf,

fluttering to the ground,

to be swept away by the rakes,

slicing you to the black bag,

the moment I saw you,

and then you fell once more.

Goodbye to you, the fluttering birds,

chirping their way close to me,

to make me happy,

for the passing moment,

until you leave me,

unheard of once again.

Goodbye to you,

the nature I once loved,

fading away into ashes,

because of pesky humans,

not caring about it,

and treating it like crap,

every passing day.

Goodbye to you,

the world and its beings,

how you treated me like this,

the trees and living,

like you're above them,

and then they die, and I will too.

Goodbye to all,

and I'll never come back,

knowing the world does this,

everyday I wake up,

and see it outside,

until there isn't anything left to see,

but the disgusting acrid land.

Goodbye... Goodbye... Goodbye...

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