God Save the Machines
By Christopher J. Bradley
3/6/01 6:27:50 PM

God save the digital warriors
With Flexgrip PDA's
On Airplanes and in subways
From shutdowns or delays.

Keep them marching here and there
With pocketbooks and suits
Drinking Margaritas
While on Carribbean Cruise.

Bring them safe through
Terminals and Stiles
Keep them traveling cheap and free
On frequent flyer miles.

Give them stops in Boston
Dallas and Fort Worth
Televise their local calls
All around the earth.

Sparkle them with gifts and glories
On their wedding days
Grant them children two point five
With double income pay.
And smite their loathsome subjects
With molding bails of hay.

God save the machines
The doctors and their clerks
Speed their fancy jaguars
And flash them all the perks.

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