Garden State Extraction
By Christopher J. Bradley
3/7/01 4:39:21 PM

After the gargantuan bridge
Came an option
North or South
On the Garden State Parkway

I chose south thinking it would lead me
Down through Jersey
Toward the Carolinas
There was traffic to contend with plenty.

Red Blue and Silver Sedans were weaving
Like electrons through silicon wafers
And suddenly I realized
They were part of some kind of caravan.

It wasn't like a funeral procession
It happened too quick for that
It was like they were government
Surrounding a limousine.

Had one of the Clinton's been
Pushing out of the city
Toward the airport?
Or had they been traveling by auto back to D.C.?

I was lost in the nanosecond of their passing
In the swarm of metal husks
And so I kept pace with the last of the fifty or so of them
Until I spotted an Aamaco.

I veered off
And paid the attendent with a folded ten
Angled up like the tail of a swan
And had my tank refueled.

It was getting toward seven and I was hungry
So I pulled into the first small town I saw
Turned the radio down
And started looking for a cheap Italian place.

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