By prof. L. Kaliambos T.E. Institute of Larissa Greece

  This poem was presented by Kaliambos at the 22nd World Congress of Poets which took place in June of 2011   in Larissa - Greece. For that work the UNITED POETS LAUREATE INTERNATIONAL awarded to him a Certificate of Merit for excellence in poetry. Prof. Kaliambos is a researcher of quantum physics and a poet writing poems in Homer's meter. (See in User Kaliambos his published papers and his poems in Homer's meter).

( In Homer’s meter like the first line of Odyssey)

The 3 dominant Olympian Gods of Homer
Glorious feats in the struggles, promoted gods to the skies.
Zeus became the ruler, of gods on the rocks of Olympus
lord of the heavens and clouds, to scare all mortals with thunders.
Pluto then governed the darkness, of Hades into grim prisons
bringing the souls of mortals from colorful life to black hell
under the depths of waters, and storms in Poseidon’s anger.
Neptune in arms like steel wool, was shaking trident great
over winds and waves, for bringing the storms in disaster.

The deluge of Deucalion
During a primitive epoch, a king sacrificed the people
offering blood to the heavens, in flames of flesh into smokes
giving an odor to Zeus, whose anger filled clouds with rain.
Rushing waters in torrents, became tumultuous rivers
filling up plains and foothills, and rainfalls turned to a deluge.
All the Pelasgians died, but only Deucalion lived on.
Sooner Prometheus told him, for building an ark to survive
only with his wife, in durable boat in rains
crossing a lot of waters, that covered all mountains round.
After torrential rains, poured down for several days
cheerful the fortunate couple, walked on the summit of Othrys.

Repopulation of Greeks
Calm then Deucalion dug up, an oracle secret of Themis
how to repopulate, the land with new human race.
So they threw back the stones, that turned into Greeks of a glory
like the heroes of Hellas, in army of great Achilles
formed by Myrmidons' crowd, in Trojan war for achievements
whose the big gallantry lived on, in Homer's the primitive poems.

The Apeiron of Anaximander
Amorphous matter of Chaos, immortal was in the darkness
covering depths of the skies, as Apeiron over the heavens
giving the face of Cosmos, beyond of the primitive ethers.
Apeiron gave the sparkle, for making opposite games
Cold and hot in the darkness, created stars of the nights
Light of sun in the seas, created clouds of rain
Genesis formed all the pleasures, of colorful life in creatures
however death of a smile, brought storms and decay forever.
Several laws of seas, do not stop winds and wave

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