First Seconds of Airtime
By Christopher Bradley
3/6/01 5:57:36 PM
dedicated to Kari Arnold

The first seconds I used of airtime
Were a radio blast through space.
I received a busy signal
From my aunt's fixed line in the hospital room.

The beep beep bonging
Cut my ear as a shock
I suppose I didn't think
Anyone else would be contacting her
At that particular moment.

She'd gotten through the surgery alright
I guess that was a relief.
I had some lunch with my mother while there
And brought a vase full of Iris'
From the florist.

I am glad that she remembered
To bring the stuffed puppy dog
That I had purchased for her
for Christmas.

I finally got through
Calling from my car
To leave her the phone number
So that she could call me back
So that I could bring Mom home

For a little rest.

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