By Cheri FinchEdit

When a waterfall crashes in a majestic show,

Reflecting the sun’s incandescent glow,

This is feeling.

When the tree ends tragically with a lightning blast,

And the decaying leaves never last,

This is feeling.

When the wind blew the water with a writhing gale,

When the sea storm tore the Mayflower’s sail,

That was feeling.

When the eagle soars on freedom’s song,

When the pilgrims knew freedom wasn’t wrong,

That was feeling.

When the sun turns around with mysterious grace,

Revealing her sighing, shining face,

This is feeling.

When the whale scatters water into the twisted sea,

When the dolphin jumps in an effort to be free,

This is feeling.

When water extinguishes fire’s passionate flame,

When a tear tells a story of guilt and shame,

This is feeling.

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