Extra Tempestual Being
By Christopher J. Bradley
3/7/01 5:15:51 PM

She took me in a dream
In my own clean white sheeted bed
She had a larger than normal frontal lobe
Making her eyes stretch out like a black heart
Centered on her grey nostrils.

I was close to naked
And gripped the metal bars
At the side of my frame
As her touch set my sizzling spine upward.

She watched me
Her head slowly tilting right
In wonderment to my response
And I didn't feel the juice
Just the lightening in blue and magenta.

Her off black shouldrers
Were satined with a green-orange aura
And she faded slowly into darkness
Before I could follow to watch her fly off
through my window.

She had let me know
That somewhere in Space Time
Marcus Allen Bradley would be born
Even if no earthly mother would bring him.

And I've managed to capture
At least her essence
In at least a narrowly interested niche
In an off centered web in cyber-space
From tempera colors
She has revisited me.

My Extra Tempestual Being
You saved what might have gone the way of Poe's Usher
Never to Return
And for that

I can only paint your praise.

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