Brushes dusting the hard bones of the earth Sediment and rock locked together since times immemorial And as human flesh touches the relics of its ancient past Images rush into evolution’s mightiest creation

Of times uncertain and dark When our mightiest victories were won Brain over brawn,

The seeds of freedom, embryonic liberation A revolutionary species playing its part In the circle of life

The very form of life which lives today To dominate every aspect of the planet As if, invincible

And yet, there were many before Whose bones lie deeper, In the bosoms of the earth Mighty creatures, who once Like us, ruled the world

And yet evolution’s masterpieces Roam no more The forests and marshes of old lie in immortal slumber Seeds beneath our exploding numbers

As we see the banners of civilization Flutter in the ever blowing winds of time A day will come, when life will see us, like others, As evolution’s perfect flaw.

- Abhijeet Manay

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