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Dull Life

Days gone by and I'm waiting.

Waiting for good things to come.

Hoping my nightmares turn to dreams.

Crying because I'm all alone.

I build a humble shell around me.

To protect me from the cold.

On the inside I'm still shivering.

There's no more warmth to hold me close.

Why do I still hold on.

I guess, I feel the need to torment myself again.

Every stale breath I take, is the only reminder that I'm still here.

I need to escape the past, before I'm left injured and alone.

I fall to the ground cursing my life.

I still can't help, but worry.

Worry about my friends, and how we are being driven apart.

I'm still waiting for clarity, and a reason to wake up.

--Lone Wolf1990 01:35, December 4, 2009 (UTC)

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