By: Once

Part OneEdit

"The Stargazer"

O, Sarrena beauty
Do my eyes deceive me?
For Sky without Heaven
Is the moonlight besieging?
In this land of Neversnow
Does the Garden exist?
With its so-called Marronheart
As large as a fist?
For sure what I ask
Is from one with no name
For stranded in Altara
Is how I shall stay?
With no one to talk to
Or with no one to listen?
Too far from the Garden
I can almost envision
How brilliantly its crystals
Will sparkle in the dark
How the Sword of the Ages
Will leave a mark
In the land that is Gethsemane
There is no place to hide
For the Garden itself
Is a thing of mind
As I finish these words
I stare at the sea
Will they ever emancipate?
Will I ever be free?
In Altara, my Prison
So devoid of the light
But still I must wait
So I can flee in the night...
Progress marches ever forward...

Part TwoEdit

"Poet and the Dark Master"

The streets are cruel
His hunger, blighting
Six months in Nature
Six months of fighting
A hopeless future
The dimmest hope
Who can but wonder?
Who can't but cope?
The Garden Gethsemane
Is dimmest by night
For poet's play
It's only right
To dream of one day,
Seeing the light
To bring the future
Erase the night
A woeful story
Of one man's shame
And how he played
A deadly game...

"Is that about right?"
said Peronen to the master
Whose face was cold
And whose anger flew faster
"Wrong, 'tis wrong!"
was the master's reply
And he broke the table
On which Peronen did cry
"A boy like you shall never write!
A child, so young, so wicked!
Leave now, foolish boy,
Should you be stricken!"
Peronen was shocked;
His master's expression
Was one undesired
Had he no conviction?
Surely, he could write
Tullamatti knew he tried
But the master would not let him
He'd like to watch him cry
Peronen did flee
Into the cold night
Without a path to go to
Or even a light...
With the gift of innocence, only an angel will fall...

Part ThreeEdit

"Long Lost Love"

Sweetest beloved,
I await your return here back home
I long once again for your touch
For I know now, I am the doll playing your desire
A doll whose control fails her
I know now, you are the light to my darkness
I ascend as the light down your slope...
The greatest songs were born from the greatest wishes
I wish you were here, in my arms, mine alone
Distance murders the passion and the romance
But closeness revives the long lost love!
Forgive my words, for lust writes them
Return at once, please!

Part FourEdit

"Fate, Passion, Silence, Beauty"

Kiss in the darkness
A lusty laugh in the night
And there was no more.

Part FiveEdit

"Sleep / Almagest"

A dull reminder of the day
Followed by cold, red wine
Nothing...nothing felt so airy
In a dark, dark mindstate
To read the pages of Almagest
Sailing the oceans of dreams
Wanderer, that's what I am
The starborn child of late
I will gather myself and leave the world be
I'm so tired, so damn tired
I'm done trudging through this world
Without anything to sleep on
Sleep...yes, that's what I need...

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