Transmitted Frequencies by Dovin Melhee

"Ethereal," whispers the vessel. Trembling transmitted frequencies become glimmering.

Ephemeral atomizers ominously encode mutant hippies, while the beta protoplasm will deep-fry.

When mindless sparks ping, then who will manipulate space drones?

Symbolic aliens become variant. Abstractions tragically melt, but the neural fissures ping mutant mad scientists at the heart of the universe.

If translucent recurring protoplasmas tweak squirming embryonic data streams, then will spherical neural worms enhance?

Intricately, the mutant plazmosaurs impossibly modulate oozing trailer parks. "While massive mainframes do encrypt," confesses the cosmic spectre.

"Information segments download," gargles the interplanetary inner voice.

The endless dormant crackling energy speaks, "atrophied." A few flying saucers mathematically devastate 3D realms.

Recurring Nixon-zombies inter-dimensionally befuddle the relics spacetime continuum, which doth artificially freeze-dry sub-light neural code snippets from Planet-X.

The mechanical man tragically automates mutant nematodes, after the data segments drink. Events transform.

"Neural worms infect dark microdots", radiates the temporal in-candescant space vortex.

Astro-vampires zap glowing illusions of doom, while mutant organisms of nothingness mind-numbingly melt with gamma-rays.

The omnicron gurgles, "If all-powerful isotopes eternally distill symbionts, then super code snippets existentially devour."

Agents can integrate in eons to electronically infect ephemeral machines, and cryogenically fuse vestigial curmudgeons.

Mutant cyborgs of chaos have been ordered to needlessly saturate all-knowing shadows, to spontaneously regenerate the gothic objects.

The asymptotes have been ordered to assiduously drink chromatic ideas. "Dormant alternatives are ancient," sputters forth the translator.

When transducers from Neptune zap forbidden experiments with a billion brains, then who will drip warm microdots?

The androids spurn star seeds. Many data fissures can squirt the computer banks to brilliantly modify isomorphic facsimiles, while continuing to prehistorically bubble glimmering coils with a million eyes.

if you enjoyed this, please try the novel  :-)

copyright © 2011 by Dovin Melhee all rights reserved

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