Discovering A Lost Piece of Boston
By Christopher J. Bradley
3/18/02 4:39:02 PM

It is about 4:39 in the afternoon
And I find myself sitting in an IHOP
An International House of Pancakes
On Maple Road in Amherst.

I was told to look into this when I was here
Before I left for Boston
By Bearded Bob
At the time I thought the world of him.

His description had been dead on
They are clean
And Lively
And a last remnant

Of the pancake houses of days past.
They outlived Perkins.

And appeared here magically this year.

I am glad to have somewhere to come
With good music
And bean town personality.
Even though the power outlets are a stretch from the ground

Looks like I'll have to charge my laptop before coming over
But at least they don't mind it so much
They are one of the few places that don't mind them
And they have plenty of space to work with.

I anticipate I'll have more to say
After I have my Terryaki Mushroom Burger.

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