Despite Edit

Despite my friends, always enjoying themselves, pretending sadness does not exist, as if it was imaginary, and I was an insane person, I lie in the corner by myself, saddening and sobbing alone.

Despite my family, loving and caring with every motion, always encouraging me everyday, to move forward and never look back, I take these wrong steps reversed, in the opposite direction, which I cannot walk at again.

Despite my own body, always trying its best to live herself, in a pink aura amid the roses rising, and assuming forever happiness, my hands wander away from me, controlled by my mind and snatching, out to cut myself through all the way.

Despite those strangers, walking past me without a single care, as if I did not even exist, because they did not exist to me, they care more about me, than I could ever do today, and whenever they pass by again.

Despite those wandering spirits, haunting me whenever I sleep, but trying to make me feel better, with their ghostly fearful spirits, I hide under the blankets, and pretend they're not even real, because I'm just a shadow.

And despite everything I went through, I now know it was all useless, how every single step I advanced, hurt me despite my mindless attempts.

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