The sea is blue, the sea is red

The thoughts go merrily around my head

Oh sea be still, oh sea be strong

The thoughts are with me all night long

No one listens, no one will

Oh sea be strong, oh sea be still

Face the dawn and face the tide

Face the end with you by my side

Oh grass be greenest, oh grass turn dry

Oh hide the secrets and reveal the lie

But no one notices, no one can

Oh grass be soft under my hand

Turn the table and check the mate

The seas calm down and storms abate

Oh storm be fierce and storm be cruel

Oh hide the mask and reveal the fool

No one says anything, no one should

Oh storm rage upon my neighbourhood

Live for life and save your face

The heavens break, clouds fall from grace

Oh clouds be white and clouds be pure

Oh hide the illness and reveal the cure

No one remembers and no one will

Oh sea be strong,

Oh sea be still.

Jacqueline L. 22:57, February 21, 2011 (UTC)

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