Cubicles and Pods in January
By Christopher J. Bradley
3/6/01 6:55:14 PM

Our Office Space is divided
Into neatly tangled cubes
Filled with telephones and terminals
And bachlorettes and dudes.

The cubicles are sorted
Into circular grouped pods
Spindling round about with calendars
And supervisor wads.

A weave of red black office chairs
Find their ways about
While we all goggle into screens
As customers do shout.

The syncopated rhythm
Of typing keyboard keys
Makes our eardrums static out
The photocopy sheen.

Our breaks are stiffly metered out
By quick computer clocks
While bottled water's carried in
From Aquafina Trucks.

On occasion we get little toys
Or helium baloons
And everyone is deep in line
On Friday Afternoon.

I know I'll find my way out
Before the operation folds
But for now I'll keep the heat up
And try not to catch cold.

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