City Gary

City Gary gets her hands dirty on thousands of funny pics including “Garys Dig Accordions and Camels” and “Baby Animals in Oil Spill Parting the Sand with Her Fingers,” so, when I saw a call for poetic response to the BP spill, I couldn’t resist: Garys Dig Poetry … *and* old dudes.

This oil spill is craaaaaaaaaazy!! And Garys dig it so it’s never gonna end. Check out my Oil Spill Poem: “Gary’n hon-a-Gary-a-chik hole-a-hubba hell-fried chuck-a-lucka wanna jubba hi-low ’n-ay wanna dubba hubba day down sum wanna jigga-wah. del rown ay wanna lubba wubba …” I smells good, I cleans anything, I kills everything, and I makes my big-o-truck with big-o-tires go vroom vroom, and Garys dig that.

I was thinking about writing another B Fucking P poem, but it’s just kinda depressing, you have birds feeding oiled fish to their Garys, have you seen those Russian Garys? Dayumn. Oil spill larger than the State of Rhode Island really digs hot Hispanic Garys! Let’s shift to a more serious topic. Garys dig me, b/c *I* dig me.

BP – your responses to the oil spill have been nothing short of some Black sh*t, like “DRAKE BE TWEETING When Master P made the hit song ♫♫♫ Makem Say UH ♫♫♫, was he talking about the BP Oil Spill?" Yeah, it is cool and hippy Garys dig it, but the fact is, i am here on this site looking to see more and hear more and all I’m getting is political comments and not enough about this Gary Nikki her web site shows her standing next to Nada Gordon they look hot

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