COSMOGONY IN HOMER’S METER
                                   ( It expresses a war like the first line of Iliad )

                               Chaos in primitive dark, created Gaea in Cosmos.
                               Over blue seas and lands, big Titans formed by Gaea
                               ruled all mysterious gods, and monsters at crags of Olympus.
                               During the horror-war, of Titans into the smokes
                               huge Hecatonchires shot, big rocks from Olympus to Othrys
                               damaging castles and forts, in flashes filled up with thunders.
                               Free Cyclopes then rushed, from Tartarus into the darkness
                               brought out thunder and flash, for helping the gods in the flames
                               burning all creatures of earth, in glory of dominant Zeus.
                               Fierce then Giants come, from gales of frightened skies
                               trying to overturn gods, but strong flash has punished them harshly.
                               Now at Delphi of Greeks, Olympians bright eternal.

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