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Bury Me

Inside I'm breaking apart.

I feel pain stabbing in my heart.

The past burns slowly in my mind.

It leaves a little reminder, of what ruined my life.

All around me there's laughing.

They are mocking my, tear-soaked shirt.

Ignore idle threats, of going to my grave.

For you know, I could already be dead.

Bury me, so I don't live this lie.

Let me sleep for eternity.

I want only to feel at peace.

I need to live inside, my hollow memories.

Bury me, so I can be forgotten.

All I am is an unwanted dream.

Put me to sleep, so the nightmares will end.

The useless crying, will finally fade.

Put me down, so my suffering will stop.

Take my burdens, from breaking shoulders.

Forget the sins i committed.

Seal the casket, as my blood runs cold.

--Lone Wolf1990 05:05, November 24, 2009 (UTC)

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