The knowledge you possess
will wither should you not
refine it into purer drops
of purest wisdom.

A song is only noise
to those who can not listen,
to those who do not know
the language of the soul.

Remove impurity.
Abolish lack of certainty.
Resolve these inconsistencies.
Produce the Rafinat.

A stronger brew is boiling.
Waters of the Olden days
Mixed with Mirthful potions
Of colours strange, so light.

Reagents are added
As temperatures increase.
Spiritus and soul are merged
Empowering the Mind.

Cosmos and Chaos both
Steam up and mix in Aether
Catch these furtive gases,
Produce the Destillat.

Changes, changes, changes
Are working still in drink.
Bottled, sure, but moving,
Sing, o’ brewer, sing!

Apply with firm hands
Cork from finest Almond.
As within, so without.
Flowery patterns emerge.

Hold high your glasses,
Your vessels for the Krim.
Yes, he is there, In The Spirit!
Consume the Finisat.

- Rau Cartuar

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